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Puppy Power is concerned at seeing the rising number of Pets that escape from their homes and are listed on lost and found sites.

We started this program in 2020 and hope that it will help.

The program offers FREE custom ID tags made for pet parents at Puppy Power Dog Resort when they bring the pet shot records in to register their pet to the program.

No purchase is necessary to be part of the program.

The tags will feature puppy Powers name and contact number. In the event that a pet ever escapes their home and is found by someone... they can contact puppy power or take the dog to Puppy Power Dog Resort for safe haven and care while the pet parents are located.

This program is being started to help stop animals who are being found on the streets from being taken to animal Care services or being released back out onto the streets because the pet parents cannot be notified immediately.


(Boarding/Daycare rates may apply)

Details at 210-320-2293

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