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Starting in 2003 with an idea and a business plan for a small "customized" Dog Resort in Kirby, Texas, I began my journey.

I realized that Pet Parents like myself, needed something different in the world of Dog Resorts. I wanted to integrate several pet-care services (Boarding, Grooming, Daycare and helping the Humane Society) but in a smaller, more personal way, while still keeping it affordable for customers. I felt (and still do) that although all dogs are different with individual needs, they are also very special and they all deserve to be given all the bells and whistles without Pet Parents being charged extra. 

 5 years into business and doing well, in late 2008 I became very sick and had to temporarily close my Dog Resort and undergo several years of open heart surgeries and heart failures.


After my successful artificial heart valve transplant in 2013, I began to regain my strength to remodel and reopen my Dog Resort. In June 2015 I opened the doors to Puppy Power Dog Resort along with Master Dog Groomer, Bree.

In only 3 short years, we expanded to a larger building in Kirby with more parking and an extra indoor play yard to accompany the outdoor play yard. We grew from just Bree and myself to 17 amazing associates, including 3 very talented and caring professional groomers.

This June 2023 we will celebrate our 8th year in business and have over 1000 Facebook followers and many dedicated customers.

We take pride in what we do and we appreciate every single customer, associate, and canine guest who has helped us grow.

Our mission has always been and will always be: To keep all pets- Healthy, Happy and Safe.


                                                                                                             -Jody Flynn



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